Interested in Grid Query Builder

I am interested in using the Grid Query Builder in our application. I've downloaded the .zip file and tried to look at the example; however, it seems to be looking for a configuration.php file and I'm not sure where to get this. Is there a general "getting started" document I need to work through?

Also, is this extension compatible with Postgres?

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Re:Interested in Grid Query Builder

you can skip configuration.php inclusion code as bellow
  1. <?php  
  2. //include_once(dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.'../../../../../../../../../configuration.php'); 
  4. //$Config    = new JConfig(); 

    then update the database settings directly in the code

    1. <?php  
    2. /************* 
    3. *mysql database configuration 
    4. *******************************************/ 
    5. $host        =    'db_hostname';//mysql database hostname 
    6. $username    =    'db_user_name';//mysql database username 
    7. $password    =    'db_password';//mysql database password 
    8. $database    =   'db_name';//mysql database name 
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