BatchCopy item on admin backend failure -SOLVED-

Hello all,

First I want to congratulate and thank you for your excellent job! I m trying Joomla component creator and I am very impressed despite the small problems I have from time to time.Most of them have to do with my ignorance though.

I am posting for the fist time not to make a question but to provide a solution to a problem that I faced while building a component with your tool.
I hope it will be a useful piece of information for others that may have the same problem.

Tested on clean Joomla Platform : 3..3.x to 3.4.3
So, when someone develops a component with the creator , adding some basic fields, using a category field when implementing the component and trying to use the BatchCopy command it fails with the Error :

" 0 Missing field in database: YouromponentnameTableItemname   alias.

and the Batchcopy command will fail. THough the batchmove command works.So, Getting the "alias" missing field as a clue I found that the following function :

protected function generateNewTitle($trainer_category, $alias, $title)

which can be found inside joomlaroot/administrator/components/com_name/models/component_itemname.php file..

needs to know infos about the value of a table column field in the database named "alias" EVEN though someone never created such a table column while using the component creator. For me being a starter with joomla components in general, it was not so obvious that I should create an alias
field as a VARCHAR 255 NOT NULL no matter what.
THE SOLUTION Just create an extra filed named alias in every table you build for a random item of your component. Maybe a small function to ignore the field absence would be helpful but I think it can be considered as an overkill since the solution is so simple.

Now I still got to find a solution for :
1. the disfunctinal TAG filed, as the values entered for an item will not be saved and it' s not giving an error . Until now I just noticed that when a component built with the creator gets installed it does not create any record for itself in #_content_types table

2. The missing Category permissions in an Items' Category "Category Permissions" tab. After someone creates a category for an item he can see the user groups on the left side but the settings do not appear at all...

I ll keep on searching but any suggestions regarding where should I focus my efforts would be highly appreciated..

Thanks again !


Submitted by Keclimparis sakis On Friday, 24 July 2015.
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