Joomla component creator history

De Easy Install Plugin Updated for Security

  1. Now we have forms/record listing page on frontend side too. For a working page, create a link/Menu for "Home" view of created component.
    Note: If you have joomla category field in any table. Then you have to work for category mamangement on frontend side as there is no joomla in-built support for category creation on frontend side, you can create category in backend only. Also Joomla User field is not working in frontend.
  1. Sorry now we are deleting old archives on component archive update.
  2. Batch updating on record listing page on backend.
  3. Cpanel's Icon file name are according to view name.
  4. Languages file (.ini) issue fixed. Now almost every thing is from language file. Lagunage keys are now in alpha ordering.
  5. Joomla 3.4 compatibility issue fixed.
  6. UI Related changes
  7. On Field creation page, now you can build static options for joomla List and Checkboxes field.
  8. Now you can see preview of joomla fields in tooltips when you are creating new table column.
  9. EasyInstall plugin updated for error messages so please reinstall it.
Initial release of JCC