Joomla Component Creator


We have launched Joomla Component Creator (JCC v0.1), Which can help you for

  • Building the joomla 3.* Component Basic files/folder structure.
  • It will provide you views/controllers for basic pages like "About US" etc.
  • You can add tables. JCC will provide all models/controllers/views/helper files for each table so that you can add/remove/edit table records

Excel Editor Grid Example


Selecting Cell range (1st method): shift + UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT key

Selecting Cell range (2nd method): shift + mouse down

Selecting Cell range (3rd method): Mouse down + Mouse drag

Copy selected cell to clip board: ctrl+c

Paste selected cell to grid/excell sheet: ctrl+v


Ext Grid Filter Row Example


You can add any kind of input filter like DropDown/Combobox, Textfield, NumberField, DateField Etc

You can choose more options from RHS DropDown menu as Show below