Joomla Component Creator


We have launched Joomla Component Creator (JCC v0.1), Which can help you for

  • Building the joomla 3.* Component Basic files/folder structure.
  • It will provide you views/controllers for basic pages like "About US" etc.
  • You can add tables. JCC will provide all models/controllers/views/helper files for each table so that you can add/remove/edit table records

Excel Editor Grid Example


Selecting Cell range (1st method): shift + UP/DOWN/RIGHT/LEFT key

Selecting Cell range (2nd method): shift + mouse down

Selecting Cell range (3rd method): Mouse down + Mouse drag

Copy selected cell to clip board: ctrl+c

Paste selected cell to grid/excell sheet: ctrl+v


Ext Grid Filter Row Example


You can add any kind of input filter like DropDown/Combobox, Textfield, NumberField, DateField Etc

And You can clear all filters by one click

You can choose more options from RHS DropDown menu as Show below




Sencha Cube Carousel


Sencha Touch Carousel component with cube effect animation



Sencha Custom Date picker


Here you can see a stylish date picker with titles, one custom date picker with extra fields.




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